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Guided Third Quarantine Cemetery Tour at North Head Sanctuary in Manly.

Guided tours

Looking for things to do in Sydney? Book a guided tour with us and discover extraordinary places on the world’s best harbour.

Book one of our scheduled tours to learn about our protected visitor destinations, including their central place in Australia’s First Nations, convict, defence and colonial narratives. Our program of guided tours caters for history buffs and outdoor enthusiasts as well as families and social groups, including Probus groups and historical societies.

Cockatoo Island

Journey to Cockatoo Island’s storied convict and maritime eras – or dare to step into the supernatural realm – as part of a guided tour.

Sandstone to Steel Tour

Cost: From $16 | Duration: 60 mins | Available: Saturdays at 11am & Sundays at 1:30pm

Want a crash course in Cockatoo Island's history? This tour charts the changing face of Cockatoo Island. As you visit key landmarks, our guide will reveal how they fit into the island’s narrative and share anecdotes about a colourful cast of real-life characters.

Ghost Tour (18+)

Cost: From $47 | Duration: 2 hours | Available: Saturday nights

As the witching hour approaches, embark on our popular Ghost Tour and journey into Cockatoo Island’s supernatural realm. As you search for ghosts and explore historic buildings rarely open to the public, our guide will share macabre stories and hair-raising paranormal tales, including reported hauntings. 

Convict Prison Tour

Cost: From $16 | Duration: 60 mins | Available: Saturdays at 1:30pm

During this tour our guide will lead you through the turbulent history of the island's former penal establishment. You will stop at iconic landmarks including the Mess Hall, Barracks, Guardhouse, Military Officers Quarters and Solitary Confinement Cells.

Dark Past Tour

Cost: From $16 | Duration: 90 mins | Available: Saturday nights

Secrets. Scandals. Skeletons... Cockatoo Island has its fair share of all three. Discover for yourself with our intrigue-filled Dark Past Tour. As you visit iconic landmarks and buildings from different eras, including the convict workshops, Dog Leg Tunnel and Biloela House, our guide will blend history with mystery to captivate your imagination!

Lower Island Tour (accessible)

Cost: From $16 | Duration: 60 mins | Available: Sundays at 11am

Explore the lower island, including the cathedral-like Turbine Shop, convict-built Fitzroy Dock and towering Powerhouse chimney. Along the way, our guide will share stories and anecdotes that paint a vivid picture of the island throughout the ages.

World War 2 Shipyard Tour (accessible)

Cost: From $16 | Duration: 60 mins | Available: Select dates

Learn about the significant contribution Cockatoo Island's dockyard made to the Allied war effort during the global conflict. Our knowledgeable guide will delve into this fascinating slice of maritime history as you visit key landmarks including the Turbine Shop, Fitzroy and Sutherland Docks and the Slipways.

Georges Heights

Featuring gun emplacements, tunnels and other military relics dating back to the 1870s, Georges Heights at Headland Park, Mosman once played a crucial role in the defence of Sydney.

Tunnels and Gunners Tour

Cost: From $8 | Duration: 90 mins | When: 10:45am, first Sunday of every month

During our 90-minute Tunnels and Gunners Tour, an experienced volunteer guide will lead you through two sets of demilitarised fortifications at Georges Heights, including tunnels normally off limits to the public. Online booking is essential.

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North Head Sanctuary

Located in Manly at the northern entrance to Sydney Harbour, North Head Sanctuary features a remnant military complex and a historic cemetery set within coastal bushland.

Defence of Sydney Tour

Cost: From $8 | Duration: 1 hour 45mins | When: 10:30am, 11:30am, 1pm and 2pm every Sunday  | Online bookings encouraged

Walk in the footsteps of those who served at North Fort, a former army base that once protected Sydney Harbour. Accompanied by a knowledgeable guide, you will descend into the 200-metre-long military tunnel complex and discover heritage gun emplacements and the secret underground bunker: The Plotting Room.

Third Quarantine Cemetery Tour

Cost: From $8 | Duration: 60 mins | Hours: 11am to 12pm, select Sundays

The Third Quarantine Cemetery was established in 1881 for victims of a smallpox epidemic. During this tour, a knowledgeable guide will share stories of those who succumbed to small pox, the plague and other epidemics. You will also experience the natural beauty of this final resting place, including unspoiled views of Sydney Harbour.

Sub Base Platypus

Sub Base Platypus in North Sydney hasn’t always been a community recreation and work hub. Previously, the historic waterfront site hosted a gas works, torpedo factory and submarine base.

Sub Base Stories Tour

Cost: From $16 | Duration: 60 mins | When: 11am and 1pm, select Saturdays

Running select Saturdays each month, this 60-minute tour is an opportunity to explore a historic destination that was off-limits to the public for 150+ years! Accompanied by a knowledgeable guide, you’ll explore the lower and upper levels of Sub Base Platypus, including the Torpedo Factory Precinct.

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