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10 Terminal and Parklands Renewal Project

View of Middle Harbour from Middle Head
The Harbour Trust is reimagining the 10 Terminal and Parklands Renewal Precinct at Middle Head / Gubbuh Gubbuh in Mosman...

In 2019, the Australian Government committed funding to help achieve the vision for Middle Head that’s outlined in the Harbour Trust’s Middle Head Management Plan.  

10 Terminal and Parklands Renewal Project

The Harbour Trust acknowledges the Borogegal People as the Traditional Custodians and Owners of Headland Park, which includes the 10 Terminal site.

Currently known as the 10 Terminal and Parklands Renewal Project, this opportunity involves transforming Middle Head’s 10 Terminal precinct into a destination for all Australians. The project aims to:

  • Protect and conserve the natural heritage values of the precinct and whole of Middle Head.
  • Share the diverse stories of the area’s history – including First Nations peoples continuing connection to the land and water, as well as the important layers of colonial and military heritage.
  • Protect, conserve and revive the heritage-listed masonry buildings (10 Terminal) to help fulfil the Trust’s objectives and the desire to weave the buildings into the life of the city.


Key milestones and next steps

The Harbour Trust is currently undertaking conservation work to three buildings at Middle Head’s 10 Terminal site. The works are primarily focused on the conservation, restoration, and protection of the heritage fabric.  The target timeframe for completion is mid-September 2022.  Read more here.

The Draft Concept Planning phase of the 10 Terminal and Parklands Renewal Project will resume this year. The Concept Plan aims to draw together the key environmental and cultural heritage values seeking a long-term vision of place.

For the benefit of all Australians, the Harbour Trust is committed to working closely with the community to ensure the site respectfully explores the diverse history and stories of the area.

    Past phases of the projectarrow
  • In 2020, a Project Direction document was placed on public exhibition for community consultation. Community feedback indicated there was more work to be done in progressing this project – which led to the Draft Concept Plan phase.

    For further details, see Public Consultation.

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