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The Harbour Trust was established in 2001 to protect and maintain nationally significant sites on Sydney Harbour for the people of Australia...

We strive to ensure a lasting legacy for all Australians, amplifying the rich stories of our lands through their conservation, remediation and adaptive reuse.

On this page you will find information about Harbour Trust leadership, key publications, planning and permits and approvals. 

Our people

The Harbour Trust is governed by the members of the Trust, a body appointed by the Minister for the Environment.

The agency's day-to-day affairs are managed by an executive team under the leadership of the Executive Director. The Members of the Trust meet regularly to guide the process of planning and implementing projects on Harbour Trust lands.


Sunset Convict Precinct Cockatoo Island 1500X800


Reports, plans, minutes, regulatory statements and other informational documents.

This page lists legislation, strategic plans, meeting minutes and other documents that guide – and report on the operation of – the Harbour Trust.



The Harbour Trust’s strategic plans articulate our vision for our sites, and how this vision will be implemented through a mix of complementary land uses, works and interpretation.

The Comprehensive Plan was made under the Sydney Harbour Federation Trust Act 2001. It is a broad strategic plan that sets out the vision for all Harbour Trust sites, and provides a framework for their ongoing use.


Permits and approvals

Individuals or organisations seeking to use Harbour Trust land for an activity, permit or food business application, must secure the approval of the Harbour Trust.

This page compiles information on applying for a planning permit with the Harbour Trust. You'll also find information on food business applications, liquor permits, commercial activity permits, and filming/photography permits.