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Welcome Everyone

Harbour Trust lands reveal the layered history of our nation. As caretakers of these extraordinary places, we have a duty to share their unique stories with all Australians, make them easily accessible and promote them as sources of exploration and discovery.

The Harbour Trust deliver regular tours and seasonal programs across all our locations that cater for all ages, interests and personalities – from history buffs and outdoor enthusiasts through to families and seniors clubs. It has also delivered events that recognise and celebrate the cultures and histories of our First Nation people.

Reaching all Australians

With the help of Macquarie University, we’re seeking to empower people who live in geographically remote areas to experience our harbour locations. In 2018, to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Macquarie Lightstation, the institution developed an immersive virtual reality tour that uses cutting-edge 3D technology to enable people to discover this special place remotely. Already, we are exploring opportunities to create similar experiences for our other landmarks.

More recently, we sought to empower older Australians to experience Cockatoo Island’s UNESCO World Heritage-listed Convict Precinct. Our Accessible Tours included assistance for those with low mobility, enabling them to reach the upper island for an exclusive talk set within the island’s former penal establishment. We continue to explore new ways to maximise public access to our extraordinary places.

Ultimately, by pursuing unique experiences for all people, we’ll ensure our visitor destinations are widely spoken of in the same breath as the world’s best harbour.


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