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First Nations Storytelling with Uncle Larry Brandy (6 Oct)

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  • $15 per person (adults at kid's prices).
  • Thursday 6 October 
  • 10am to 11am
  • Car
  • Bus

To plan your trip, see: Visit Georges Heights


The greenspace at Headland Park's Artist Precinct, Georges Heights, Mosman NSW 2088 (near Frenchy's Café).


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Join the Harbour Trust on Thursday 6 October at 10am, for a school holidays special First Nations storytelling session for young children (3-8 years) at Georges Heights in Mosman, homeland of the Borogegal People…

Hosted by Wiradjuri storyteller and educator, Uncle Larry Brandy, the storytelling session is both a fun school holiday activity and a great way for children to deepen their understanding of Sydney’s First Nations cultures.

Children will be able to see Aboriginal artefacts, including kangaroo and emu masks, and learn how the Wiradjuri People traditionally hunted and found food.

Limited tickets available. Don’t miss out on this active and exciting performance. [Note: All children must be attended by a responsible adult.] Tickets are available for $15 – adults at children’s prices.

In the case of wet weather, the event will be moved to an inside space in the Arts Precinct area.

Book tickets

Looking for an activity for young children (3-8 years) these school holidays? Book tickets to our First Nations Storytelling session with Uncle Larry Brandy...

Cost: $15 per person (adults at children’s prices).

When : 10am to 11am on Thursday 6 October 2022

Where: The greenspace at Headland Park Artist Precinct, Georges Heights, Mosman NSW 2088 (near Frenchy’s café)


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