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Permits and approvals

Serving Country Exhibition (by Belinda Mason), Harbour Trust RAP Launch, 2018
    Liquor permits arrow

    The Harbour Trust is the authority responsible for issuing permits for the sale or supply of alcohol on our land, and we are committed to ensuring that Responsible Service of Alcohol principles are followed at all times.

    The documents below provide information about how to apply for a liquor permit, and the Harbour Trust’s processes for enforcing compliance with licence conditions and Responsible Service of Alcohol principles.

    Note: The Harbour Trust uses the term "liquor permit" to avoid confusion between area licences issued by the Harbour Trust, and liquor licences issued by other Australian jurisdictions.

    Filming and photographyarrow
  • The Harbour Trust offers low-impact and student filming and photography permits to shoot on Harbour Trust land. Our land is also available for wedding photography, media shoots, and medium to high impact filming and photography, including feature films, TV series, commercial and fashion shoots.

    Further information

    Venue hirearrow

    For information about hiring one of the Harbour Trust’s venues for an event or wedding ceremony, see: Venues


    For information about applying for a lease with the Harbour Trust, including our leasing policy, see: Lease

    Tenders and expressions of interest arrow
  • The Harbour Trust is an agency within the portfolio of the Commonwealth Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water (DCCEEW). A range of work on our lands is undertaken by individuals and organisations that have been successful in submitting Australian Government tenders.

    Details of any key projects likely to be tendered this year will be compiled in AusTender’s Annual Procurement Plan List. For more information about our current tenders and expressions of interest, visit the AusTender website.

    Tenderers and suppliers are required to abide by the Harbour Trust’s Supplier Code of Conduct.