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Digital Harbour

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Some of the most inspiring places in Sydney are protected by the Harbour Trust. From Cockatoo Island and North Head Sanctuary through to Headland Park and Sub Base Platypus, our heritage destinations are sources of exploration and intrigue.

Unable to visit any of our sites in-person? Don’t worry! Introducing Digital Harbour – a curated collection of videos, articles and other online experiences that enables you to discover our protected sites and delve into their layered histories, no matter where you are in Australia... or the world!

See also: Harbour History, Virtual Tour: Convict Times and Visitor Destinations (overview).


Our FREE webinar series, DigiTalks, will keep you engaged and informed at home, on your lunch break… or wherever you may be!

Running select Wednesdays, DigiTalks are an opportunity for attendees to gain rich insights into not only our heritage sites but also the world's best harbour. We invite you to register for our next DigiTalk.

Solitary Confinement Cells Convict Precinct Cockatoo Island Sydney Harbour 650X550


Our three videos series are an opportunity to learn about Sydney Harbour from subject matter experts and the people who lived or worked at our heritage sites…

DigiTalks Archive

The DigiTalks Archive is an opportunity to rewatch – or enjoy for the very first time – past instalments in our popular webinar series and gain rich insights into the history of Sydney Harbour, including our network of heritage destinations.

In Conversation

As part of our ongoing Oral History Project, volunteers interview people and gather spoken stories that vividly bring to life the history of our heritage sites. In Conversation is a new video series marrying archival imagery with audio recorded for our Oral History Project

Harbour Reflections

The Harbour Reflections series explores the layered history of our sites, including their place within the nation’s narrative. Two videos are currently available. One demystifies the military story of North Fort in Manly, the other charts Cockatoo island’s maritime era.

Google Arts & Culture

We’ve launched a collection of immersive exhibitions on the Google Arts & Culture platform, meaning you can experience our network of extraordinary places anytime, anywhere.

Dive into our collection and marvel at the 'Iron Giants' of Cockatoo Island, explore the grounds of Australia's original lighthouse, descend into an underground military bunker once shrouded in secrecy... and so much more! 

Slipway Crane Cockatoo Island Sydney Harbour 650X550


DigiTales are historical yarns, by our talented volunteers, introducing readers to famous, infamous and obscure people with a connection to our heritage sites...

Check out our expansive library of DigiTales and get to know a line-up of true-life characters, including Lachlan Macquarie, Mary Ann Bugg, Captain Thunderbolt, Bungaree, Patricia Talberg and countless others!

Cockatoo Island Circa 1843 John Skinner Prout National Library Of Australia 650X550

Kids Corner

Looking to stave off boredom in your household or backyard? Check out Kids Corner, our one-stop-shop for FREE kids activities and DIY project ideas!

Kids (and kids at heart) can channel their creativity into a selection of activity sheets, including colouring in sheets, crosswords, construction sheets, science experiments. Activities include a First Nations card game and a nature scavenger hunt as well as instructions for creating a paper cup phone and a toothpick torpedo. Check out all 30 sheets!

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