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Conservation work underway at 10 Terminal

The Harbour Trust has begun conservation work on the masonry buildings at Middle Head’s 10 Terminal site – ensuring they can be used and enjoyed for years to come.

This conservation work forms part of the 10 Terminal and Parklands Renewal Project.

The work predominantly involves:

  • Roof replacement, facade repairs and window refurbishment for buildings 1 and 3.
  • General repairs and updates to conserve the heritage of buildings 1, 3 and 7.

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The target timeframe for the conservation work to be completed is September 2022. 

The materials, colours and finishes used will respect the heritage of the buildings. This is a priority for the Harbour Trust. 

Hours of work

The hours of all works, including delivery of materials to and from the site, is restricted as follows:

  • Conservation work takes place between 7am and 6pm from Monday to Friday (inclusive).
  • There is work between 7am and 1pm on Saturdays.
  • There will be no work on Sundays and public holidays.
Reducing the impact of the conservation work

Noise: The Harbour Trust is working closely with the contractor to minimise disruptions to surrounding tenants and the public.

Traffic and access: The conservation work is not expected to impact on traffic, as the main site access occurs via the driveway between buildings 1 and 7 (see site map).

Carparks: Surrounding carparks should not be impacted by conservation works and all footpaths are anticipated to remain open.

If you have questions about the conservation work, please email info@harbourtrust.gov.au.

Click here for more information on the 10 Terminal and Parklands Renewal Project.