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Government to unlock $14 million in funding to Support Harbour Trust

Minister for the Environment Sussan Ley has unlocked $14 million in funding to assist the Harbour Trust in the face of COVID-19 impacts.

The funding is to help the Harbour Trust provide short-term rent relief for commercial and residential tenants across its sites on Sydney Harbour and to address other revenue shortfalls. 

The Harbour Trust has been working with the Australian Government, in recent weeks, to address the impact of COVID-19 restrictions on its operations and tenants, Mary Darwell, Executive Director of the Harbour Trust said. 

“I am delighted that Minister Ley has announced this injection of funding. This investment demonstrates strong support of the Harbour Trust and the work we do.

“The businesses at our sites are an important part of our community and make our sites wonderful places to visit. By providing relief during this difficult period, they can plan their future with certainty and  thrive once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted,” said Ms Darwell.