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Harbour Trust Review Announcement

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5 min read
The Minister for the Environment, the Hon Sussan Ley has today released the report on the Independent Review of the Sydney Harbour Federation Trust (Harbour Trust).

Minister Ley has publicly thanked the community for having engaged so passionately in the process and in helping to shape the findings of the report.

Having visited every site, she has highlighted the significance of the role of the Harbour Trust, her intention to consult on draft legislation to keep the sites in Commonwealth hands and the importance of ongoing public engagement.

The Minister has indicated her broad support for the recommendations subject to the detailed planning that the Review recommends as being necessary.

The Chair of the Trust, Joseph Carrozzi, said the review outcomes are a great result for our community – and a great result for Sydney.

“I am delighted these sites are now protected for all Australians to enjoy into the future. With this announcement, we look forward to receiving confirmation on funding in the upcoming budget process which will allow us to address a backlog of work and allow for greater public access to and enjoyment of our sites – particularly Cockatoo Island and North Head Sanctuary,” Mr Carrozzi said.

The review – the first since the Harbour Trust commenced in 2001 – benefited from significant community engagement. More than 200 written submissions were received and the two independent reviewers, Ms Carolyn McNally and Ms Erin Flaherty, met with or interviewed approximately 500 people since the review was announced in October 2019.

For your information the final review report, developed by the independent reviewers, has now been published at environment.gov.au/about-us/shft-independent-review.



I am delighted [Harbour Trust] sites are now protected for all Australians to enjoy into the future.

– Joseph Carrozzi, Chair of the Sydney Harbour Federation Trust