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Harbour Trust strengthens its Reconciliation commitment

The Harbour Trust has strengthened its commitment to Reconciliation with the launch of its second consecutive Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP).

Formally endorsed by Reconciliation Australia, the Harbour Trust Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Advisory Group and the Members of the Trust, the Innovate RAP 2020-2022 embeds reconciliation across all aspects of the business including planning, interpretation, land use and procurement.

The strategic document also champions collaboration with cultural and land management organisations as a means of advancing reconciliation, increasing workforce diversity and strengthening the Harbour Trust’s understanding of important cultural protocols. 

Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan 2020-2022
Learn more about the actions the Harbour Trust is taking during 2020-2022 as part of its continuing Reconciliation journey...
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RAP 2020-2022 – Key Focuses
  • Working with First Nations Peoples to significantly enhance place-making, storytelling and visitor experience across our sites.
  • Developing and implementing an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander procurement strategy.
  • Supporting opportunities for direct cultural exchanges for Harbour Trust members and staff and allocate more time to discuss the First Nations histories and cultures.
  • Further develop relationships with First Nations communities and organisations that advocate for and promote the Harbour Trust.

Critically, the Harbour Trust continues to integrate performance against RAP initiatives into our Corporate Planning process and report to the Members of the Trust quarterly on our progress.

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