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Former Harbour Trust Chair honoured with Officer of the Order Award

Kevin McCann and Harbour Trust Executive Director Mary Darwell with Diramu Aboriginal Dance and Didgeridoo at Sub Base Platypus Community Open Day 2018
Kevin McCann, the former Chair of the Harbour Trust, has received the prestigious Officer of the Order Award and his name has been added to the list of Australia Day 2020 Honourees.

Mr McCann was significantly involved in the formal establishment of the Harbour Trust in 2001, following his time with the Headland Preservation Group. He served as Chairman of the Interim Harbour Trust (1998 to 2001) and later held the position of Chair of the Harbour (2001 to 2018). 

During his tenure as Chair, Mr McCann was instrumental in the remediation and allowing public access to key Harbour Trust sites; namely, Headland Park in Mosman, Cockatoo Island, North Head Sanctuary in Manly and Sub Base Platypus in North Sydney.

Once closed off to the public, these former defence sites were transformed under his leadership into thriving recreation and business spaces, making them viable assets for their surrounding communities.

Mr McCann’s key achievements during his time at the Harbour Trust include the UNESCO World Heritage listing of Cockatoo Island, the creation of the now busy Artist Precinct at Headland Park and the full scale remediation and decontamination project at Sub Base Platypus.

He was also responsible for various bush regeneration programs across all Harbour Trust sites, launching kilometres of walking tracks, frequently used today.

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