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Google Arts & Culture

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The Harbour Trust has partnered with Google Arts & Culture to share our extraordinary places on Sydney Harbour with new audiences across Australia and broaden the experiences available to our existing communities...

We are proud to join the growing community of cultural institutions with a presence on Google Arts & Culture, an online platform making the cultures of the world accessible to anyone, anywhere.  To date, more than 2,000 institutions from across 80 countries have harnessed the immersive storytelling potential of this exciting digital resource.

As the caretakers of visitor destinations that occupy a significant place in Sydney’s historical narrative and cultural landscape, we have an obligation to reveal and amplify their mix of First Nations, convict, colonial and defence heritage for diverse audiences.

Google Arts & Culture presented us with an opportunity to share our protected sites with a global audience. As with our other digital initiatives – DigiTalks, DigiTales and Kids Corner – Google Arts & Culture is a way for people to overcome the tyranny of distance and connect with our extraordinary places on Sydney Harbour.

At launch, the Harbour Trust’s Google Arts & Culture collection contains six virtual exhibitions. Discover 7 Extraordinary Places on the World's Best Harbour and First Nations Stories of Sydney Harbour blend historical and contemporary images, video, illustrations and 360 footage to showcase what makes our sites special for Australians including the Traditional Owners and Custodians.

Meanwhile, our remaining exhibitions delve deeper into the stories of key landmarks and objects, including the cranes of Cockatoo Island, a former submarine base at Sub Base Platypus in North Sydney, a historic army base at North Head Sanctuary in Manly and Australia’s original lighthouse: Macquarie Lighthouse in Vaucluse.

We encourage you to check out our Google Arts & Culture collection. We hope you find them informative, immersive and inspiring...

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View the Harbour Trust’s Google Arts & Culture collection and delve into the stories of our protected places…
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