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Commercial activities

Individuals or organisations seeking to use Harbour Trust land for an activity that is commercial in nature must secure the approval of the Harbour Trust...

A commercial activity includes (but is not limited to) an activity where the primary purpose is to make a profit; an activity where an individual (e.g. a sports coach, tour guide) is remunerated for providing a service; and free-of-charge activities, tours, courses or transport offered in conjunction with a commercial product or service.

Examples of commercial activities can include orienteering, bike riding tours or lessons, creative and performing art classes, team building exercises and sports activity.

How to apply for a permit

To apply for a permit or license in regard to a commercial activity, please consult the Harbour Trust Venue Use Guidelines and complete the relevant application or enquiry form:

Further information – application forms

The following table indicates the forms you will be required to complete as part of your application. The requisite forms are determined by the relevant event impact category and type as well as the agreement type issued to the event organiser. Details below...




(if applicable) 

Low impact
  • Wedding ceremony
  • Venue hire
  • Filming and photography
Medium impact
  • Venue hire
  • Filming
Standard Licence Agreement
 High impact/complex
  • Venue hire
  • Filming


Custom Licence Agreement
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