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Festival of Dangerous Ideas, Cockatoo Island, 2018 (photograph by Jodie Barker)
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Our event venues on Sydney Harbour are inspired settings for a range of events, from corporate functions, commercial shoots and sporting displays through to art exhibitions and live music...

We offer indoor and outdoor event venues across three of our locations: Cockatoo Island, North Head Sanctuary in Manly and Headland Park in Mosman.

[UPDATE: The event venues at Cockatoo Island are currently subject to limited availability. Seeking to hold an event during this period? Check out the other amazing event venues offered by the Harbour Trust (below).]

Cockatoo Island

Our indoor and outdoor venues at Cockatoo Island are ideal for a range of events, from corporate functions, commercial shoots and sporting displays through to art exhibitions and live music...

Industrial Precinct

Featuring exposed steel beams, cathedral-like ceilings and sandstone details, the buildings that make up this historic precinct boast a gritty industrial character that will transport event attendees to the island's maritime era. The Industrial Precinct is a window into this significant 134-year slice of history and features three event venues: the Turbine Shop, Naval store, and Convict Workshops. 

Eastern Apron

Set against the dramatic backdrop of a sheer cliff face, the Eastern Apron is a magnificent waterfront area offering eventgoers a breathtaking harbour view. Consisting of grass, concrete, and relics of the island’s shipbuilding days, this functional open space can facilitate large structures and parked vehicles, and is also suitable for tents, marquees, and set builds.

Image: © Invictus Games Sydney 2018/Getty Images

Headland Park

Captivate eventgoers with a venue that marries atmosphere with historical intrigue...

T5 Camouflage Tank

Built for the Australian Navy, the T5 Camouflage Tank at Georges Heights, Headland Park is a relic from World War II. Set within coastal bushland, the tank was one of three constructed here between 1938 and 1942. Its roofs were deliberately pitched as low as possible and clad to look like personnel quarters to deter aerial attacks. The bare internal space is ideal for art exhibitions and performances. 

  • Capacity: Up to 200 people.
  • Size: 1015 m²
  • Hours of use: 7am to 11pm
  • Toilets: Facilities for two males and four females nearby at Georges Heights Oval.
  • Accessibility: There are some uneven surfaces and the path to the venue is uneven gravel and very sloped. Care required when accessing via wheelchair.

Image: Serving Country Exhibition (by Belinda Mason), Harbour Trust RAP Launch, 2018

Headland Park T5 Camouflage Tank Venue Hire Mosman Sydney Harbour 1920x1080.jpg

North Head Sanctuary

North Head Sanctuary offers distinct event venues that harken back to the era when the site formed part of the nation’s coastal defence system...

Parade Ground

Boasting a distinctive red gravel surface, the Parade Ground is the centrepiece of the Barracks Precinct – a collection of Art Deco buildings that occupy a significant place in Australia’s military history. At 7,920m² in size, the Parade Ground is suited to an array of events including concerts, markets, exhibitions, filming and photography, team building exercises and sporting events.

  • Capacity: Up to 2,500 people
  • Size: 7,920m²
  • Hours of use: 7am to 10pm
  • Toilets: Public toilets are located at nearby Building 1.
Artillery Shed

The Artillery Shed was an integral part of the School of Artillery and saw frequent use during World War II. Also referred to as the 'Hangar', this venue is 10 meters high and features two large sliding doors, which run on end-to-end on steel tracks. The shed has been restored by our volunteer team and is an ideal space for filming and photography, product launches and team building activities. Additional parking, for up to 20 vehicles, is located across from the Artillery Shed.

  • Capacity: Up to 200 people
  • Size: 495.6m²
  • Hours of use: 7am to 6pm
  • Toilets: Public toilets are located next to North Fort Visitor Centre.


Artillery Gym

Part of the former School of Artillery, the Artillery Gym was once used as a recreational facility for service people residing at North Head Barracks. Located south of Building 1, this large, high ceiling space is ideal for filming and photography, including set builds, production base or storage. Internal facilities include two large squash courts and spacious upper mezzanine overlooking the entire gym.

  • Size: 842.7 m² (Ground floor level) and 200 m² (Mezzanine)
  • Hours of use: 7am to 8pm
  • Toilets: Public toilets are located at nearby Building 1.


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