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Filming and photography

From former defence sites and scenic coastal bushland through to historic maritime and convict precincts, our network of places on Sydney Harbour represent an opportunity to undertake filming and photography against an iconic backdrop.

The Harbour Trust offers low-impact and student filming and photography permits to shoot on Harbour Trust land. Our land is also available for wedding photography, media shoots, and medium to high impact filming and photography, including feature films, TV series, commercial and fashion shoots.

[COVID-19 update: Currently, the Harbour Trust is only accepting event bookings that comply with the NSW Government’s public health orders. Commercial activities as well as low impact filming and photography MAY be permitted at our sites.]

How to apply for a permit

To apply for a filming and photography permit, please consult our Venue Use Guidelines and complete the relevant application or enquiry forms:

For information on wedding photoshoots, see: Wedding venues (overview).

Rates for additional expenses
Additional expenses Rate (incl. GST)
Harbour Trust staff (out-of-hours)* $110 per hour
Harbour Trust cleaning services (Minimum three hour call out)

Monday to Friday: $53.63 per hour
Saturday: $69.73 per hour
Sunday: $92.98 per hour

Public holidays: $116.23 per hour

Harbour Trust Security services (Minimum four hour call out) Non-public holiday period: $48.06 per hour
Public holiday period: $72.19 per hour

*Outside of business hours (8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday), attendance by Harbour Trust staff is required to mitigate a) damage to Harbour Trust property, b) threats to public safety, c) unreasonable disturbance to neighbouring properties and d) access to licenced areas arising from the hirer’s use.

Further information – application forms

The following table indicates the forms you will be required to complete as part of your application. The requisite forms are determined by the relevant event impact category and type as well as the agreement type issued to the event organiser. Details below...




(if applicable) 

Low impact
  • Wedding ceremony
  • Venue hire
  • Filming and photography
Medium impact
  • Venue hire
  • Film shoot

For further information, see: Permits and approvals

Standard Licence Agreement
 High impact/complex
  • Venue hire
  • film

* Available upon request

Custom Licence Agreement
Require further assistance?
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