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Stop 3 – Inner Fort

You’ve arrived at the third stop of 'In Defence of Sydney – An Interactive Walk of Middle Head / Gubbuh Gubbuh'.

At this stop, you'll learn more about the Inner Fort and the disappearing gun that once sat here. Listen to the short audio clip below or click here to read a transcript of this stop.

    Did you know?arrow

    Smoking gun

    The disappearing guns installed here in 1889 were considered the best in coastal defence. Unfortunately, the plume of smoke from the explosion could give away the location! You can see an animation of the gun in action HERE.

    Transcript for Stop 3arrow

    You’ve arrived at Stop 3 on this interactive walk, the Inner Fort.

    The ‘disappearing gun’ was located here. This gun was able to retract into the ground after firing. The idea for this came from British officer, Colonel Moncrieff. In his words, the aim was:

    ‘ sink guns in pits and to mount them on carriages that, when the guns were loaded, should elevate them just above the surface of the ground, and when they had been fired should again automatically lower them for reloading under cover.’

    As the gun could rotate 360 degrees on its carriage, it was also able to be fired in any direction.

    It was a dangerous occupation for the men that operated the defences in these spectacular locations. They were commonly exposed to potential explosions and injuries.

    ‘Gunner’s ear’ was a common problem for the men that operated the massive guns particularly in their later years as the sound and pressure of the explosions led to hearing loss.

    And then there was the boredom of manning the fortifications for endless hours. The men read books, played cards and even hid bottles of beer to enjoy when no one was looking!

    As you continue to Stop 4 on this tour, enjoy natural bushland and views of Dobroyd Head to the north and Balmoral Beach to the west.

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Now that you've heard the story of the Inner Fort, head to Stop 4 – Military Village. It is located a few minutes' walk from here.
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