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New exhibition explores the art and soul of the Harbour Trust's sites

The Harbour Trust has launched an exciting online exhibition in collaboration with oil pastel artist Nick Hollo. Hosted by Google Arts & Culture, the immersive, two-part experience – titled ‘Hollo’s Harbour Reflections’ – features our network of beloved destinations on Sydney Harbour in vibrant oil pastel.

In addition to being a celebrated artist, Nick had the privilege of joining the Harbour Trust at its inception. An urban design specialist by trade, he began his Harbour Trust journey as the Head of Design & Planning, and later served as our Deputy Executive Director, before retiring in 2015 to focus on his art.

The Harbour Trust’s natural and built environments have been wellspring of creativity for Nick, and he suspects they have featured in more than 150 of his drawings since the agency was established more than two decades ago.

A significant number of these artworks have been permanently entrusted to the Harbour Trust. Eager to share this collection with a wider audience, we partnered with Nick this year to launch a curated selection of his oil pastel pieces on Google Arts & Culture – an online platform making the cultures of the world accessible to anyone, anywhere.

Harnessing Nick’s unique visions, Hollo’s Harbour Reflections reveals why the extraordinary places protected by the Harbour Trust have become beacons of inspiration. Our visitor destinations include Cockatoo Island / Wareamah, North Head Sanctuary in Manly, Sub Base Platypus in North Sydney, and Headland Park in Mosman. We also protect Woolwich Dock and Parklands, Macquarie Lightstation in Vaucluse, and the Former Marine Biological Station at Camp Cove.

View the exhibition (parts 1 & 2)

In part one, viewers are introduced to the prolific artist, who reflects on his career with the Harbour Trust and sheds light on his artistic process, including what he has sought to evoke with his drawings.

Meanwhile, part two enables viewers to dive directly into Nick’s striking artworks and journey through distinct terrains spanning the northern and eastern suburbs of Sydney – as well as the largest island on the city’s iconic harbour.

A comment from the artist

“Hollo’s Harbour Reflections is a body of work dating to the turn of the century, when the Harbour Trust was a fledgling agency. With each of the exhibited pieces, I sought to capture what the community values about the Harbour Trust’s incredible locations – their heritage qualities, their wonderous vantage points."

“The Harbour Trust has continued to preserve these special attributes while pursuing new ways to share its network of sites with diverse audience. I hope this two-part exhibition encourages people to see some of Sydney’s hidden gems and more recognisable landmarks in a different light, and maybe even visit them for the first time.” – Nick Hollo (22 November 2022)


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