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Illegal removal of trees at the Goat Paddock in Woolwich.

Tree vandalism on Harbour Trust land at Goat Paddock, Woolwich

On 15 January 2024, vandalism which involved the illegal removal of trees occurred on Harbour Trust land at the Goat Paddock in Woolwich.

The Harbour Trust is deeply saddened by the incident and has reported the matter to the Gladesville Police. We are collaborating with Hunters Hill Council to mitigate against tree vandalism and instigate enforcement action whereby evidence enables a prosecution.

Trees are an important part of our natural and cultural heritage, and provide habitat for wildlife, shade for visitors and beauty for all to enjoy. They are also protected by law, and anyone who damages them faces serious penalties.

The Harbour Trust understands the feelings within the community following this incident and would like to thank those who reached out to us. If you have any information that might help in relation to this case, including any security footage from your property, please do not hesitate to contact the Gladesville Police.

In response to this act of vandalism, the Harbour Trust will be replanting similar trees in the same location to the ones that were illegally removed from our property. We will take advice from horticultural experts from the Botanic Gardens of Sydney on the appropriate timing for replanting and the size of the new trees, so that we can achieve the best long-term outcomes.

Additionally, we will be installing a large sign in front of the replanted tree. This sign will inform people of the consequences of tree vandalism and that the Harbour Trust takes incidents like these very seriously.

We will also be installing a temporary security camera that will monitor the area of related trees to prevent and deter any similar incidents in the future. Please be assured that this camera will be facing Harbour Trust land.

For further inquiries or information, individuals are encouraged to contact the Harbour Trust Engagement team via email at


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