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Cockatoo Island – Draft Concept Vision

Image credit: Mark Merton
Cockatoo Island / Wareamah is both a geographic pivot point in Greater Sydney and the only place in Australia where the nation’s story is in one place…

Located in the heart of Sydney Harbour, the island links the global city of Sydney to Western Sydney, including Parramatta’s burgeoning Central City. Further, Sydney’s layered history, which spans First Nations, convict, industrial and maritime narratives, can be found here.

At 18 hectares in area, Cockatoo Island is the largest island on Sydney Harbour. With views of Sydney’s world-famous Harbour Bridge and Opera House, there is an opportunity for the island to play a larger role in the city’s presence on the global stage.

Draft Concept Vision

In 2019, the Harbour Trust spoke to the community and other stakeholders about the future of this important place. We heard that people value its many layers and stories but would like to see its untapped potential realised. Informed by this feedback, the Harbour Trust released a Draft Concept Vision on 4 May 2021.  This early vision for Cockatoo Island sought to honour the layers of cultural, natural and historical importance that make up the past and present of this place.

Public consultation

Between 4 May and 11 June 2021, the Harbour Trust invited the community to have their say on the Draft Concept Vision for Cockatoo Island. Opportunities to provide feedback and learn more about the Draft Concept Vision included an online survey, a walkshop, a series of virtual workshops, a webinar and pop-up community feedback sessions. Additionally, the First Nations Community were invited to take a survey, participate in a one-on-one interview and attend a yarning session.


Webinar video

During a webinar on Tuesday 11 May, speakers presented on the Draft Concept Vision and discussed the considerations that went into this early vision for Cockatoo Island...

Webinar – Questions and answers

During the webinar, the public had an opportunity to submit questions relating to the Draft Concept Vision. The Harbour Trust's responses are available to read here:



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