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North Head Sanctuary – Status of walks and tracks following burn

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On 17 and 18 October, a NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service hazard reduction burn at North Head in Manly breached its containment lines and burnt a significant part of the headland.

While it appears there has been no damage to Harbour Trust buildings, there has been significant damage to the local flora and fauna as well as many of the bush paths.

The Harbour Trust is working with NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service and the Fire and Rescue NSW to ensure public safety, and with the Australian Wildlife Conservancy to understand the impact on the environment. 

The Harbour Trust will now take immediate steps to help in the recovery of the local flora and fauna.

Update on visitor access to North Head Sanctuary (29/10/2020)

North Head Scenic Drive is open from the Q Station roundabout, meaning visitors to North Head Sanctuary can access parking at the North Fort Visitor Centre as well as NPWS parking near Bella Vista Café. Further, walks and tracks have reopened on the Western side of North Head Sanctuary. The following areas and track are closed until further notice: Australia's Memorial Walk, the Gun Emplacements, Avenue of Honour and the Hanging Swamp. Refer to the below map for full details on current walk and track closures.